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Regional chapter of Assistance Dogs International  

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About Assistance Dogs Europe

Regional Chapter of Assistance Dogs International

Assistance Dogs Europe is dedicated to supporting the work of assistance dog programmes across Europe. ADEu is a chapter of Assistance Dogs International (ADI). In the past ADEu encompassed the work of Animal Assistance Intervention. A new umbrella for AAI has been launched in 2013.
If you are considering setting up an assistance dog programme, or your organisation would like to join ADEu, then contact our secretariat who will be able to help you. If you think you can help us in any other way, please do let us know.

ADI / ADEu Conference 2016 >>

Looking for an assistance dog?

People who are looking for an assistance dog should surf to the site of Assistance Dogs International, the Programs Search part. Here you can find all European schools, who are connected with ADEu, and who train assistance dogs. ADEu is not training or accrediting individual assistance dogs, ADEu does accredit assistance dogs schools throughout Europe.

Accreditation Documents
ADI Accreditation Manual 2015
ADI Paperwork 2015
ADI Accreditation Procedures 2015
ADI Accreditation Process Chart 2015

For accreditation contact Kim van Kerkhoff to receive the necessary information:

We hope you like the site, and that the site can be used to help people with an assistance dog to get better access in public places and understanding from the European public.


Upcoming events

  • ADI / ADEu Conference 2016
  • The ADI - ADEu Conference will be held in Prague, Czech Republic 15-17 May 2016. The first conference session on the afternoon of the 15th May will be a joint meeting with Animal Assisted Intervention International (AAII), which is holding its conference on the 14th and 15th May in Prague. Here ... Read more

News updates


We need your help

ADEu needs money to lobby in Brussels and towards national gouvernments for easy access for our assistance dog partnerships and their dogs. Thank you for your support!